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Oulun Työstökeskus Oy (Finland Fine Machining Ltd.,) is a Finnish company that manufactures and sells gun accessories such as silencers, adapters, bipods, picatinny rails, backfoots, Ruger shoulder stocks, screwdriver sets and cleaning rods.

Oulun Työstökeskus Oy's products (or SAK products) have been patented in Finland and/or foreign countries. Founded in 1982, up to now, we can proudly present 19 different designs of silencers to support gun users.


Marlin 45/70 and Front Mount 105mm Ultra Alfa suppressor and Ruger 10/22 with SAK-SILENCER, threadings 1/2-28 UNEF or 1/2-20UNF


Note: For some products, we also sell directly to individual customers.
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SAK Schalldämpfer

SAK FocusPoint, SAK and SAK2 silencers, SAK Hornet Silencer, SAK Alfa, Ultra Alfa and Ultra Alfa tele silencers, barrel thread protectors

SAK Schalldämpferadapter

Ruger Mark II-III bajonet adapter, Browning Buck Mark bajonet adapter, Sig Sauer Mosquito .22 adapter, Walther P22 adapter, Walther G22 adapter

SAK-MILrs Zweibein für Gewehre

SAK-MILrs rifle bipods and other shooting rests, SAK-MIL camera adapter, monopod and SAK camera adapter, SAK picatinny adapter for SAK-MILrs bipod

SAK Schraubendreher für Büchsenmacher

SAK Picatinny Schienen

SAK Tischklemme

SAK Schulterstütze

SAK Schulterstütze: Für Ruger mark II/III, Browning Buck mark, Thompson Center, usw. Passend für alle .22 Pistole mit Picatinny Schiene Kein Werkzeug für Montage benötigt

SAK Putzstöcke für Waffen

SAK Putzstöcke für Waffen 220, 250, 650, 800, 900, 1100 und 1200mm

SAK Reinigungsdraht für Gewehre

SAK Rückfuß für Gewehre


More SAK cleaning rods now in stock! New length of 650mm is available.
More Picatinny adapters for bipods are in stock!
New Ruger bajonet adapters are ready for your silencers!!


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